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Importikaah Pregnancy Pillow - Wedge Shaped Side Sleeper Pillow - Maternity Back And Body Support Cushion For Expectant Mothers (Color Mayvary)

Importikaah Pregnancy Pillow - Wedge Shaped Side Sleeper Pillow - Maternity Back And Body Support Cushion For Expectant Mothers (Color Mayvary)

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Product Description

Finally, Sleep Comfortably Without Your Aching Stomach Or Back Waking You Up Every Few Hours. 


You know that feeling when the weight of your belly pulls the entire front of your body into bed. Eventually, your skin hurts from so much stretching.


No worries now. Importikaah Pregnancy Wedge Pillow has a perfectly graded slope and firmness to keep your body free from the stress and pull of the stomach.


The advanced ergonomic cushioning ensures a healthier rest and a more supportive nap. 


So that you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.


This pillow comes with an ultra-soft removable slipcover that can be machine washe

d. Simply take off the cover, throw it in with your regular cold wash, then just tumble


Product Benefits

  • Finally, Sleep Peacefully and Wake Up the Next Day Feeling Refreshed And Ready To Face The Day


The Pregnancy Wedge Pillow cushions your stomach or back with a firm, comfortable support that helps keep your body free from stress while resting. Start getting better, healthier, more restful sleep so that you can wake up the next day feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.


  • Enjoy Maximum Comfort And Support Whenever And Wherever You Need It.


This wedge-shaped pillow is compact, so it won't take up much room in your bed and can travel with you wherever you need it. You can be confident about sleeping in total comfort wherever you go.


  • Perfect Gift For Expectant Mothers


If you are looking for gifts for expectant mothers, then you have come to the right place. There's no better maternity present than the gift of a full comfortable night's sleep. Support her health, sleep, and belly.


  • Customized Comfort For Your Changing Body


Being a side sleeper during pregnancy can place a lot of stress on the belly and cause swelling. The Importikaah Pregnancy Pillow is precision designed to offer just the right slope and amount of support you need.


Even More Benefits…


  • Relieves back tension and related stress
  • Reduces swelling in hands, legs and feet
  • Relieves nerve pain and leg numbness
  • Compact and portable-the perfect travel companion


Product Features


  • Two-Sided Design To Regain Maximum Comfort

    Two-sided design to suit moms during all three trimesters. Soft memory foam on one side, and firmer support foam on another side. As your needs and desires shift from moment to moment, simply flip it over to regain maximum comfort.


  • Machine Washable

    Side Sleeping Support Pillows come with an ultra-soft machine-washable slipcover. You remove the cover and toss it in with the rest of your cold wash and tumble dry when finished.


  •  Perfect Support for the Stomach, Back, or Knees

    It has an ultra-soft slipcover that provides comfortable support for the stomach, the back, or the knees. We know a bit of pampering goes a long way in the 3rd trimester, so we pulled out all the stops and found the best material possible. 



  • Airflow Ventilation Technology Keep The Pillow Cooler


    Our perforated foam layer and airflow ventilation technology helps keep the pillow cooler, making it more comfortable while sleeping. It is performance-tested, durability-tested & emissions-tested. 

  • Portable, Compact, And Includes A Carry Bag.

    From bedroom to couch to your favourite chair for napping, the Importikaah wedge pillow makes travelling easy. More convenient than oversized body pillows that are bulky and hot.


  • Ergonomically Designed
  • The ergonomically designed cushioning provides a healthier and more supportive sleep. 


  • Perfectly Graded Slope
  • Importikaah Pregnancy Wedge Pillow has a perfectly graded slope and firmness to keep your body free from the stress and pull of the stomach.


    Who Is The Product For

    Importikaah Pregnancy pillow is an Ideal Solution for pregnancy discomfort.


    1. What is this pillow made from?

    The cover is made of 100% Polyester Fabric and the filler is made of 3D Polyester Fiberfill.


    1. What material is the foam made of?


    It is made from CertiPur listed and Certified PU foam. There is literally NO safer foam sold on the market today.

    1. Can this be used for the knee?

    Definitely, yes! This pillow is mostly for back/belly and knees support when laying down in bed or on the sofa. Helps a lot during pregnancy!

    1. Is it machine washable ?

    Yes, delicate air dry wash on low heat.

    1. Can I use this for postpartum?

    Yes it's comfortable to rest your back

    1. How do you roll it into the travel bag?

    In order to fold the Pregnancy Pillow Wedge, you will want to bend it in half down the middle and roll it in a double-handed motion. 

    Q.Does it make you feel hot?

     Airflow Ventilation Technology and our perforated foam layer helps keep the pillow cooler which makes it more comfortable while sleeping.

    1. What is the angle of the wedge?
    2. 25-35 degrees

      1. How thick is this pillow?

      It's a wedge, so it goes from about a half inch to around 5 inches at the top? It does squish down a lot when you lay on it.

      1. What happens when I don’t like the product?

      You can return the product with no questions asked within the return time period.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Vera Naik

    Overall, I would highly recommend the IMPORTIKAAH Pregnancy Pillow to any pregnant woman who wants to sleep better and feel more comfortable during pregnancy. It's a great investment in your health and well-being

    Sarika Choudhari

    The pillow is made from hypoallergenic materials, making it safe and comfortable for even the most sensitive skin.

    sana sandhi

    This pillow is also great for postpartum recovery. It can be used to support the back and belly during nursing or while recovering from a C-section.

    Pritha Nadhakarni

    The pillow is easy to use and adjust. You can position it in a variety of ways to find the perfect level of support for your body.

    Navya Dodamani

    The pillow comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that best matches your personal style and décor.