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Importikaah 3 In 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Belly Wrap Waist/Pelvis Belt Body Shaper Postnatal Shapewear (Medium)

Importikaah 3 In 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Belly Wrap Waist/Pelvis Belt Body Shaper Postnatal Shapewear (Medium)

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For any clarifications regarding size selection and DISCOUNTS, please contact our customer care through chat support or by calling +91 78995 74685 or +91 80501 85177 This will help you choose the right size and ensure a seamless process.


If you are facing problems as below 

Body not in shape after pregnancy: Wear this belt and get back in form and make your husband get attracted to you and love you like before 

Fat belly: Wear the belt and reduce the size to look slim and make your friends and husband ,Look at your beautiful face rather than getting distracted, their eyes on your belly 

Not looking attractive: Wear these 3 belts and get in such a shape that you be the show stopper at any party and get other women jealous of your beautiful body.

Not looking young the way you looked before pregnancy: After getting results from this belt, look like a young girl like you looked before pregnancy and don't give a hint that you have recently delivered a baby. Let them know you are a mother by looking at your baby, but not at you.

You are not confident: You will not feel confident because the first impression is the last. With the help of these three belts, get in shape, and make your first impression impactful by looking beautiful, making you feel good and look confident.

Don't want to go to the gym: We understand it's almost impossible to work out after feeding and caring for a baby.

You shouldn't feel guilty about not taking care of yourself, but it doesn't mean you can't take care of yourself effortlessly.

 Wear these three belts and solve the issue.

You can go to the gym once your baby grows older, and till then, keep looking attractive and feel confident  

We will write technical details for you here so that whenever you want to know only about the product, you have all your information handy in one place 

What's The Use Of 3 Different Belts:

A: Belly belt helps get your stomach and muscles back to normal.

B: Waist belt: helps flatten the belly, redefine the waistline, and relieve back pain for stitches, healing from C-section.

C: Pelvis belt: helps speed up the pelvis's contraction and stretch to fit your body's natural curves.

Mothers should wear all the above belts after normal delivery and should be used on the same day immediately after delivery 

For C-Section usually, it's recommended to wear immediately, but some doctors confuse the patients to either start wearing now or after healing. We recommend you listen to your doctor on this topic. We have further discussed why doctors confuse the patients; you can read the description.

Technical Details

Size Chart:

Please DO NOT order a size bigger or lesser than your waist size. Please refer to the size chart below before you place your order.

Size Chart:


Size code

Waist size (Inches)



24 to 30 inches



31 to 36 inches



36 to 42 inches


43 to 48 inches


Being an online store, we get some customers walking to our office with their problems post-pregnancy 

These are those customers who want to touch and feel the product and get the right size regardless we write the exact lengths and size on our product pages 

When the customers tell us about their problems after asking some deep questions by our marketer and psychologists, we get to know that the bulging tummy is not their problem after the delivery of their baby 

The real problems are what is there in their mind, and they don't want to tell other people because they are shy to express their feelings to the outside world 

The first basic questions from the customers are 

How does this work 

What is the correct size for me 

Will it help me get back in shape 

In how many days will I get the results 

So above questions are typical product-oriented, which they are supposed to ask 

First, let me answer the most asked question that is

What is the correct size for me, or how to choose the right size?

1.Take a body measuring tape 

2.Without confusing yourself, measure only the biggest part of your stomach. I am not talking about the waist or hips, so don't get confused. Measure only the bigger part of your stomach from wherever your stomach is coming out. GOT IT? If your stomach size is correct, everything falls in place 

3.If your stomach size is between 24 to 30 inches, choose Medium (M) for 31 to 36 inches. Choose Large (L) for 37 to 42 inches, select XL, and for 43 to 48 inches, XXL

4.I am being strict here because if you don't follow what we say, then you have to go through the expensive and tedious return process, Choose the size only what is displayed.

Some people try to be over-smart and choose a size lesser than the exact size so that they wear it even later. For, e.g. if their correct size is 38 inches, they should be choosing XL now.

What they do is they select L because once the size is reduced by 2 inches, when it comes to 36 inches, so large is applicable for 36 inches in this scenario. If you want to suffocate yourself by going against what we recommended, you can make that mistake rather than enjoying the process of getting in shape.

 Why do you want to have that breathlessness? So do what we say because we have designed it for you by researching 100s of new mothers.

For the above scenario, If you get tempted to buy a lesser size just because you think the current belt will be of no use once you reduce the size, let me share the MAGIC FORMULA with you once you reduce your size.

If you feel the belt is loose, go to a nearby tailor and tell him to attach an extended VELCRO PATCH with the strap. He will do it for you, and your problem is solved. Enjoy the belt now again and again till you reach your desired results.

We have some questions asked by customers which were not relevant to the product and that were coming from their minds which they could express only to an unknown person 

Will it help me look good?

Will it make me look attractive after getting the results?

Has any of your customers informed you that their husbands liked them after the results?

Has any of your customers told you whether they have felt confident and felt the change after the results?

I used to look young before pregnancy, and now it's challenging to get the same personality?

I don't get time to go to the gym after all the daily house chores and taking care of my baby and family?

It's tough for me. sometimes I feel depressed?

I am worried if my tummy will get back in shape or not?

Initially, We thought these were rare mothers who are finding it challenging to work on this problem 

Then we figured out that more than 500 mothers all had similar questions, which can sometimes lead to a lack of confidence and depression 

 Let us clear your doubt about the product questions. Let us answer it in our FAQ (Frequently asked questions) at the end of the page 

First Let's address your psychological questions, which lead you to lack confidence. The below communication is from our expert psychologist whom we hired for you 

 Dear mothers, Let us tell you it's all in your mind 

These questions have been put in your mind by yourself or from the vibes, you get from your surroundings 

 If someone didn't care about you, then you think, I am not looking good to be respected 

If your husband didn't hug you as before, you think its because ,My tummy and body are not in good shape, that's why he doesn't like me now as before.

 While walking in the mall and public, people don't look at you then. You feel you don't look attractive 

 These all small thoughts came to your mind, and you started DOUBTING yourself and that led to low confidence 

Don't you think I am right!

 Maybe, your doubts might be correct, but people won't tell you straight on your face, and It's fine to get this thought in your mind.

You are a human  being and It's normal 

And believe that you are a mother now, your job is to lead your children on the right path, and for that, you have to be confident in yourself

               Though you gave birth to a baby, not for only yourself, you did it for your 

               husband and his family and your family 

              and you did a great job by bringing happiness into their life 

              now is your time to make yourself happy 

 My question is why did you come up with so many questions when you can work on it. 

 Probably you were not getting the right guide to help you out with this problem 

We are not telling you to go to the gym or do any workouts because we understand you are busy with all the other activities you do regularly.

 That is why we have designed Importikaah's postpartum 3-in-1 belt 

So rather than questioning yourself you can get you back in shape with the help of these three belts.

 I hope now it's easy for you that you can eliminate all your worries from your mind and let's make other women jealous of your beautiful personality 

 Let's make your husband love and hug you as before 

While you walk on the streets, let people watch you with that flat belly which will now make you confident and that confidence is the essence of getting attention from people for that your personality has to look good 

Let's not talk about the gym till your child gets older (Note that if you can't go to the gym, you still have to take care of your body )

 77% of customers ask us the same question 

How does this belt work after pregnancy to get back in shape?

 So when you deliver a baby, the unwanted shape you have gained is not natural. It's just that your stomach is stretched due to the only reason for giving birth to a baby of more than a couple of pounds, and that's not a small thing, so these three belts help you to tighten your waist, stomach, and pelvic It will not give a single chance to your body to lose its shape  that's our GUARANTEE or return the product within 30 days if you feel the product didn't work for you 

 But for that, please be loyal to yourself. Do as we say 

  1. Wear regularly for a minimum of 5 hours daily, but you can wear it for a longer time 
  2. Your body starts showing results within 15 days but even after that, wear for at least 60 days so that you don't give any chance to gain any uneven shape at your waist, stomach and hips 




Because many customers have the same question 

Can I use it after the delivery of 

2 months

3 months 

7 months or 1 year 

2 years and even 5 years 


This question comes from those women who didn't take action on time and now suffering from a body shape they didn't want to be like that.

So what made them not buy this belt after their delivery? I am 100% sure it was money which concerned them.

 They kept wondering whether should I buy it or not? Seriously are you thinking about money to maintain your attraction?

Take a decision quickly because ONCE TIME IS GONE ...ITS GONE. You have to put a lot of effort later to work on your body to save a few bucks now, so control your time, and then you control your life. You are on a path to lead your child. Take firm decisions for yourself first then everything will fall in place.

 Now answer my one question


You paid more than that because delivering a baby is not rocket science.

 Your great-grandmother wasn't born in the hospital.

 Instead, she took birth at her mother's home with little or zero fees paid to the midwife. It's just an example of how you spend money blindly for your safety.

It would be best if you were wise enough to spend it on your ATTRACTION.


You can use the belt immediately after delivery. You can buy and start using it after 1 week, 4 weeks, 2 months, 5 months, and 7 months. WITHIN 12 months, the maximum number is the 12 months you need to use the belt within this time limit.

 The faster you decide to wear, the quicker you get results, the late you take a decision, and the late you will get results.

 If you plan to use it after 12 months, we won't be able to take responsibility for the results because you have now converted the unwanted stretch in your body to unwanted THICK FAT. Our belt doesn't promise you to burn fats. It commits only to get you back in shape after pregnancy.

 If you think of using it after 12 months to burn FATS, please avoid this product as it's strictly for post-pregnant women to tighten the unwanted shape they gain and give a form to their body.

 If any other brand says such belts reduce fats, they fool you. The only thing that can burn fats is a good diet and dedicated 30 mins exercise everyday post delivery shape, which you gain has nothing to do with exercise.

 You need to work harder to achieve good shape with exercise. Then why work hard if our Importikaah 3 in 1 postpartum belt can do it for you? However, you are never in a mood to exercise after delivery, take care of the baby, prepare food do daily house chores having back pain.

Look how tired you are!

 For C-Section, consult your doctor on when to start wearing. We recommend use within three days of delivery, but still, what you can do is that first place an order for the belt and ask your doctor when I can start using this belt? 

Why did I share the tactic with you because the physician will promote her belt, which they earn a commission and end up selling a low-quality belt that will be an enemy for your skin.

 Use the tactic as I suggested,once the doctor knows you have already purchased, she will be in a less authoritative position to dominate you. You will dominate the doctor now to demand an answer.

 Many mothers have frequently asked us about the back support for their back pain after baby delivery 

 You will have a STRONG back support 

I didn't put much pressure on talking about the back pain or support because everyone knows the postpartum belt's primary work is to give strong back support, and our 3-in-1 belt does exceptionally well.

 You can walk around easily and do your daily house chores without worrying about the back pain because it holds the back so firmly that it will not even let you think about it.

 Slowly, it reduces your back pain because the belt keeps you in the correct posture and maintains the body posture correctly.

 Usually, back pain occurs because of the wrong posture and the body's extra weight.

 Can I use it during sleep: Yes, you can only If you are comfortable. If you are not comfortable, then don't wear it while sleeping. There is nothing such as harm if you wear and sleep.

 The answer to all your questions and worries is to TAKE ACTION on time. What we mean is 

Buy this stress reliever postpartum belt now. Yes, all that we know is It just doesn't get your body back in shape; It eliminates all your worries by solving a single problem of getting you back in shape because ATTRACTION IS EVERYTHING 

 Could I clear the worry from your mind about investing in India's number 1 postpartum belt?

 Rather than browsing here and there and on other portals for a low price for a low-quality product which is designed only for those who cannot afford to invest in a good quality and SKIN FRIENDLY belt for themselves 


See our amazon reviews for the same product on amazon. That's enough to feel relaxed and believe without wasting any time on 


To BUY now

Click on buy now 

and a SURPRISE for you, we are gifting you a pee funnel worth rs 250 so that you stand and pee rather than sitting every time, which would put pressure on your stitches if you had a C section

 And one more BONUS for you get a 10% discount of worth Rs 199 on this purchase.   Use coupon code SPECIAL at checkout.

 FAQS answered at the end of the page 

By researching all the questions asked on amazon and other portals and the customers who call us and walk into our office for queries, please go through them rather than wondering and searching for the answers. It's all answered for you to clear your doubts before you buy 


 Frequently Asked questions:

 Q: How long we should wear the belt?

A: Wear it for at least 5 hours a day and not less than that. If you wear it for more than 5 hours or even all day, there is no HARM.


Q: Can I wear a postpartum belt after 2 months, 3 months, 5 months, 12months, 2 years or 5 years of delivery?

A: We recommend to use as soon as possible after delivery, but some people are unaware of this solution. In such a case, you can use it right from the day of delivery to 12 months 

E.g., If you delivered a baby on January 1 2019, then you have time till December 31 2019, understood?


After 12 months, If you try to wear it, you hardly get any results because you have converted the unwanted shape into a THICK FAT, and we don't promise to reduce fats. We only promise to get you back in shape with the help of these 3 belts 


Q: How many days after C-section should we start using this belt?

A: We recommend it immediately, but some doctors confuse the patients to wear it after the stitches have healed.

As we ask you to listen to your doctor, as they say, we have described this situation in the product description, and please read it carefully.


 Q: Can I use belt after the c section?

A: You can ask your doctors when to start wearing it. While you ask, have the packet in hand. So they don't manipulate you into buying something unsuitable for your skin.


Q: Can it be worn during eating or sleeping?

A: Yes, you can wear If you feel uncomfortable using it while eating, then remove it for a while and then wear it back again.

The same applies to sleep. If you are uncomfortable, don't wear but there is no harm in wearing it while sleeping. It's for good.

 Q: Do you recommend wearing it all day long? Even during sleep? Or should it be taken off?

A: You can wear it all day long; you can even wear it while sleeping; the only time you should remove it is If you are uncomfortable.


Q: Do you have a return or exchange policy?

A: That's a no-question return or exchange policy.

Use it with free mind if you don't get the result, then return it within 30 days; we hope that gives you relief while buying.


Q: How to choose the correct size of the belt?

A: I am using very simple words to make you understand; read it carefully.

Step 1: Take a body measurement tape.

Step 2: Measure it around your waist.

Step 3: Measure the largest part of your stomach that is coming out.

Step 4: Mark the measurement. Suppose it's coming between 24 to 30 inches. Choose Medium; if 31 to 36 inches, then Large, 37 to 42 inches XL, 42 to 48 inches XXL.

Step 5: Even after the detailed explanation, chat with customer support on the website If you want more clarity. They will guide you.


 Q: Can I wear it right after delivery?

  1. Yes, you can wear it right after delivery. If in case of C-Section, please refer to the above description. It's well written over there.


Q: Should we measure the size before pregnancy, during pregnancy, or after delivery?

  1. It's a repeated question, so read the answer carefully 

The size which you need to measure of your stomach is after the delivery of the BABY 

Let me make it clear in specific details

You shouldn't measure it before your pregnancy 

You shouldn't measure it during your pregnancy 

 You should measure it only after delivering the baby 

In case you want to order in advance, you can use this trick 

remember your waist size before pregnancy 

For E.g. it was 32 inches 

Now you can consider that your stomach size is going to increase to 4 inches minimum after the delivery of the baby 

and order 36 inches, is large 

The same applies to every measure.

 Q: Is this belt comfortable while breastfeeding?

A: Yes, It's  better to use a chair while breastfeeding, as sitting down and feeding would be a little uncomfortable.


Q: How many hours a day do you have to wear it?

A: Minimum 5 hours a day. If you use more than 5 hours, It will benefit you.


Q: Should we take before or after delivery waist size?

A: This question has been answered very clearly in the above FAQs. Please check we have a solution to order in advance as well.


 Q: Is it washable?

A: Yes, it's washable but don't wash it unnecessarily every other day. But you can wash once in 15 days or a month. 

Any level of high-quality cloth in this world will make it look old if you wash it repeatedly.


 Q: During sleep, Is it ok to wear? Or should it be taken off?

A: Nothing wrong with wearing it while sleeping, but you can remove it If you find it uncomfortable it's all about your comfort.


 Q: After the C-section, how many days a woman can use this type of belt to reduce belly fat?

A: We say our doctors say use it immediately within three days but consult your doctor before you  

Read the full product description. You will get a detailed answer to clear your doubts.


 Q: I suffer from back and abdominal pain, and also, my tummy is loose, so can I use this? I don't have a baby?

A: We strongly recommend this belt only for new mothers. If you read the full product description, you will get a better answer 

If you are not a new mother, then you are not the right person to use it. You might drop us a negative review If you don't get good results, this belt commits only to new mothers.


 Q: As I completed 5 weeks postpartum in between those days, I used some other brands belt someday, but from 5 weeks, I tied the strap regularly for three days very tightly I started excess bleeding. Please help me. Is there any issue with my body, or will it harm my uterus? My delivery is normal 

A: That's why we recommend using only Importikaah 3 in 1 belt because other brands' belts are built with thin and low-quality items which don't have the strength to keep the stomach in balance under the belt,

 And our Importikaah 3 in 1 belt, does have the power to hold your stomach firmly and doesn't put unnecessary pressure on your stomach because of thickness it will take the fitting only which is required not more than that 

 And however, don't put it very tight. It does the same thing when you wear it a little comfortably, so avoid wearing it very tightly.

Wear it in such a way that you don't suffocate while breathing.

 If you are bleeding, then please consult the doctor.


 Q: 24 hours after birth, Can I wear this belt? In normal delivery?

A: Why wait till 24 hours? Wear it immediately in normal delivery.


Q: What happens If you wear this while sitting down?

A: Then sit on a chair If you feel uncomfortable sitting on the floor 

Why do you want to sit down after delivery people around you, however, will not allow you to sit down as getting up will put a lot of pressure on your stomach 

Avoid floors and start using chairs.

 Q: Am I wrong, or did I read the information wrong that you are supposed to wear one belt at a time and add another belt as weeks progress? Or do I use the 3 wraps at the same time from the beginning, i. e? 48 hours of delivery?

A: You have been misguided with wrong information; wear all 3 belts at a time to get better results.


 Q: This is my 4th baby, and I didn't use any belt for my previous deliveries. Is it still helpful If I use this now? Will it reduce my postpartum belly?

A: Yes, definitely, It will help you reduce your belly because, on every new delivery, you will gain a stretch in your body this will help you to reduce your tummy.


 Q: In How many days it will start showing results?

A: You will start seeing slight results in the first 7 days. For significant results, you need to check it on the 15th day.


 Q: It was too thick and kept rubbing on my c-section scar?

A: This is a rare question but a serious one, so We thought to answer it on priority 

If you find such issues do 1 thing from either of these 2 tips 

  1. Wear it above any t-shirt or inner-wear like a spaghetti top.
  2. Place cotton wherever the scar and wear the belt above that.


Q: Does the belt support our back?

A: Yes, one of the primary purposes of the postpartum belt is to support your back tightly, and our 3-in-1 postpartum belt does it very well. 


Q: Suffering from an umbilical hernia, can I still wear this belt?

A: We would recommend you consult your doctor. We are not aware of what level of pain are you suffering.


Q: I have acute perineum pain and hope this belt will help me?

A: Yes, definitely, it will help you, but we would suggest you try the Importikaah kegel exerciser as well; it will help you to strengthen your pelvis.


Q: Can I use the belt while breastfeeding, In the lying position?

A: Usually, You are not supposed to lie down and breastfeed. It's harmful to you and the baby. If you go asleep while you breastfeed, It might be risky for your baby and not suitable for your backbone.


Q: My Uterus has been removed. Can I still wear the belt?

A: Yes, you can. Your uterus removal has nothing to do with using the belt.


Q: I got shingles in the 4th month postpartum. So each time I try binding, It swells near the spine?

A: You can consult the doctor because the doctor can check it personally.


Q: I have diastasis recti. Will this belt help me?

A: Yes, definitely, It has helped many of our customers.


 Q: Do you ship only in India?

A: On the website, you won't be able to place international orders directly, so you can contact our customer support to place the order and then ship it internationally to your location.


 Q: Can I use this belt directly on the skin?

A: Yes, definitely you can use it's a skin-friendly product.


Q: Can we wear this while doing workouts?

A: It's better to avoid while doing workouts because of sweat. Your belt might stink later and create itchiness If you don't wash and wear it again.


 Q: Can I order before my delivery? Then how to select my size?

A: If you want to order in advance, you can use this trick 

to remember your waist size before pregnancy 

For E.g. it was 32 inches 

 Now you can consider that your stomach size is going to increase to 4 inches minimum after the delivery of the baby 

and order 36 inches, that is large 

The same applies to every measure.


Q: It's comfortable wearing inside the saree?

A: Yes, you can wear but while going out in public, remove it because it might look awkward.If you are comfortable and confident enough to carry yourself then wear it.



Q: Can I use the belt while resting?

A: Yes, surely 


 Q: Can I use the belt while having food?

A: Yes, definitely you can. If you feel discomfort, remove it until you eat and then wear it back again.


 Q: Can I use the belt as soon as I finish my meals?

A: If you have eaten heavily, then wait for 30 mins before you wear to let you feel relaxed.


 Q: Can I use the belt when I am on my periods?

A: Yes, you can use it in your periods.


 Q: Can I use the belt, While going outdoors?

A: Yes, you can but wear it inside a T-shirt.


 Q: Can I use the belt in western outfits, In a saree or so?

A: Yes, you can use it under western outfits answer to wearing in saree has been answered in one of the above FAQs precisely. Please read.


 Till now, we have made sure we have answered all the questions. We shall answer more questions If we get more 

Till then, start using your product and ENJOY the Change.






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