Our Story

In the heart of bustling India, there emerged a brand in 2013 destined to rewrite the narrative of women's lives. Founded by Sahir Momin, Importikaah took root with a humble beginning: a meager 2700 rupees, a vast dream, and an unshakeable commitment to serve.


Sahir's vision was clear: source innovative, problem-solving products from across the globe and deliver them to women, helping to uplift their lives in every possible way. His ambition? To make Importikaah the world's most trusted brand among women by 2050.


Importikaah is truly global in its approach to sourcing products. Our dedicated team members traverse across continents, from industrial hubs in China to artisan communities in Italy and high-tech plants in Germany, to find the highest quality products. We interact with skilled craftspeople, study manufacturing processes, and validate the quality standards, ensuring our offerings are internationally commendable. This way, every Importikaah product is not just a purchase but an adoption of the finest global quality, embodying our mission to make women's lives awesome.


The journey initially wasn't smooth. The first product, a chili defense spray, failed to resonate with the women of Belgaum. But Sahir didn't allow this setback to dim the vision of Importikaah. He diversified the offerings, introduced multiple products, and within 15 months, Importikaah started to bloom.


A turning point arrived in March 2017, when Sahir received a call from a customer, Miss Celen Sebastian from Kerala, who suggested launching a postpartum belt for pregnant women. Sahir took her suggestion seriously, investing time and effort to inspect factories and gather feedback. Once he received an overwhelmingly positive response, the Importikaah postpartum belt was born. Within two years, it became the flagship product, loved and appreciated by women all over India.


This experience opened Sahir's eyes to the real essence of Importikaah. It's not just a brand but a medium for empowering women, a platform that listens to and responds to their needs. It paved the way for Importikaah to revolve around women-centric products, all thanks to the women themselves.


At Importikaah, we firmly believe in empowering women, allowing them to make informed choices, and living their lives on their own terms. Our products are meticulously tested by real women, ensuring they are of the highest quality, innovative, and truly meet the needs of our customers. No product gets a green light until it receives the stamp of approval from our real judges—the women.


Importikaah takes a unique approach when finalizing its products. Instead of relying on internal teams, we directly engage with real women. For a typical product, we interact with at least 30 women, and for a complex product, over 100 women. Even the CEO, Sahir Momin, isn't allowed to give a product the green light until it has been approved by real women. This principle sets Importikaah apart, enabling us to deliver world-class products that make women's lives awesome.


In addition to delivering innovative products, Importikaah established a supportive community that truly reflects the ethos of the brand—a community that listens, understands, and gives back. Realizing that the empowerment of women extends beyond products, Importikaah donates 10% of its profits to initiatives supporting women of all classes. One woman at a time, Importikaah strives to uplift, empower, and multiply the number of women it supports, with the goal of reaching millions.


This dedication to quality, innovation, genuine empathy, and generosity sets us apart from competitors. We are not just delivering products; we are solving problems, uplifting lives, building a supportive community, and making a difference.

Every woman who interacts with us or uses our products is not just a customer; she is a part of the Importikaah family, a stakeholder in our journey, and a benefactor of our giving.


From pregnancy to post-pregnancy products, personal care, foot relief items, kitchen accessories, fitness gear, travel accessories, and body shapers, every product at Importikaah is carefully curated to make women's lives easier, more enjoyable, and empowering.


The stories of our success are many, including our recognition as Amazon's top-selling partner, features in major news outlets like Hindustan Times and Economic Times, Aaj Tak, India Today, and countless positive testimonials from our customers. These accomplishments are not just accolades; they are the evidence of the trust, love, and support women have bestowed upon Importikaah.


Our promise is simple yet profound: to deliver products that solve problems and make women's lives awesome. We assure unmatched customer satisfaction, before and after product delivery. Importikaah is on an exciting journey to celebrate womanhood, and to create a community that empowers and inspires. With Importikaah, you are not just buying a product; you are buying a piece of trust, commitment to your empowerment, and contributing to the well-being of countless women.


Today, we stand strong, celebrating our customers, our heroes, and our pillars, and we thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey. 


We are more than a brand. We are a catalyst for change that listens, understands, cares, and gives back. We are Importikaah, where we make women's lives awesome.