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Importikaah Lumbar Pillow for Side Sleeping

Importikaah Lumbar Pillow for Side Sleeping

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Say Goodbye To Sleepless Night Due To Back Pain And Experience Sound Sleep Once Again!

Get relief from your back pain and experience sound sleep for the first time in months or even years with Importikaah Lumbar Pillow. It’s 3D functional partitions make the pillow fit your waist tightly and perfectly without worrying about the gap. 

Unique Benefits Of The Product:

Cozy & Comfortable Sleeping Environment for a sound sleep:

With its 3D ventilation, your breathable back pillow allows constant refreshing airflow inside the top surface, and your pillow won't get hot or soggy like memory foam, offering a cozy and comfortable sleeping environment for a sound sleep. 

Perfect For Side, Back, Or Stomach Sleepers:

It is perfect for side, back, or stomach sleepers because of its 3D open-air mesh and ergonomic design. It provides firmer support by resilient filling contours to your body curve without deformation 

Easy Care and Durable:

Just throw it into the washing machine to keep it clean. It is super quick drying without any chemical smell.

Unique 3D open weave air-mesh material combined with buckwheat hulls & pearls used in our back support lumbar pillow makes it extremely hygienic and durable. 

Multifunctional & Versatile:

Adjustable height and thickness of lumber pillow to help improve spine posture, reduce strained back muscles, ligaments in supine, side, and stomach sleeping positions. Also, It can be placed in the calf or between the knees as a leg spacer.


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