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Importikaah Inflatable Adjustable Height Foot Leg Rest Pillow Bed for Travel, Airplane Tour (Grey)

Importikaah Inflatable Adjustable Height Foot Leg Rest Pillow Bed for Travel, Airplane Tour (Grey)

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IMPORTIKAAH Travel Foot Rest Pillow,Inflatable Adjustable Height Portable and Ergonomic Leg Rest Pillow with Quick and Easy Inflation for Car, Airplane, Camping

Product Description

Travel in Comfort with Your Little Ones


Long-distance travel prevents your legs from moving for an extended period of time. This leads to poor blood flow, numbness, and pain in your legs because your muscles do not rest for a long time. 


But if you don't have to worry.


Importikaah travel footrest can relieve muscle tension and soreness and make flying more comfortable.


Our inflatable footrest is a must-have travel essential to keep you and your little ones happy and comfortable on long flights, car and train rides.


It transforms the cramped space between seats into a soft, comfortable footrest for laying down or elevating your feet and legs. 


It inflates in just seconds so you and your babies can relax and enjoy your next trip in no time! You can also use it to relax at home or at the office!


Product Benefits

  • Comfortable Journey

Relax your feet and legs after a long day at work, or after travelling by train, bus, or airplane. Also can be used as a kid's bed to lay down flat on flights or as a chair while waiting at the airport.

  • Extended Leg Space and Prevent Leg Fatigue

It can be set as an extended flat surface for kids to play and sleep on during the airplane ride.

  • Pillow For Sleeping

A travel footrest pillow from Importikaah is convenient for road trips, camping, and more.

  • Foot Rest

It can be used as a footrest on a flight, in a car ride, at the office desk, in your living room, and more

  • Improve your blood circulation, reduce swelling and relieve back pain from long sitting periods with this portable travel pillow!


How To Use The Product


  1. Open the valve and blow the gas through the mouth (or use the hand pump).
  2. Cover one end of the valve.
  3. Blow again with a mouth or air pump to achieve satisfactory saturation.
  4. Completely cover the valve.

Warm Tips:

  1. Please make this product stay away from fire, toxic, flammable and dangerous things.
  2. Please get in touch with the airline before using it on the plane.
  3. Please don't get close to sharp things to prevent being scratched

Product Features

  • Easy To Inflate And Deflate 


Within less than 90 seconds, you’ll easily be able to fully inflate this adjustable pillow using your mouth, at the same time deflating it with the extra-sturdy inner flap in no more than 5 seconds.



  • Premium Quality Material


This leg rest pillow is made from superior quality, highly durable and eco-friendly PVC flocking, guaranteed to withstand the test of time. The soft fabric is 100% safe and non-toxic for kids and adults!


  • Bonus Dust Cover


Use this amazing travel pillow for legs while taking longer road trips, airplane or train travels, camping, or even as an extra sleeping bed for the little ones! The foot cushion comes with a BONUS dust cover for easy and practical storage.


  • Portable & Lightweight


It weighs only 0.8 lb (365g), could be compressed down and stored in a small place when not in use. It is definitely convenient for long trips because it is 24-HOUR leakproof tested. Also a thoughtful gift for your friends, colleagues, parents, and elders.



  • Multi-functional Use


With three adjustable heights and a double air valve that allows for changing into one, two or three layers, this footrest pillow can be used in any position. It is highly versatile. 



Larger cushion:

- Can be used to elevate both feet and legs

- Can be used as a footrest for children who use a car booster seat.

- Can fill in space between seats in cars for quick-shift beds


Two cushions combined:

- Used for multiple people to share an Importikaah footrest

- Can be used on a plane for children under 3 feet to lie down.

- Can be used as a leg stool in a living room or office to help people relax

- Can act as a leg rest for children who use a car seat


Smaller cushion:

- Fits nicely under the office desk, on planes, on beds and sofas, or in a dorm room.

- Used to elevate legs to improve circulation, reduce leg swelling and relieve knee pain


Who Is The Product For

Importikaah Inflatable Travel Footrest pillow is a must have travel essential for anyone who travels for longer hours. It's easy to use in the office, train, car, or plane.


Question: how long does it take to blow it up? Can I use an electric pump?

Answer: Fill the gas in about a few minutes, use your mouth to blow, or use a hand pump

Question: Will this be bothersome to the person sitting in front of you? Will they be able to recline their seat with no issues?

Answer: Not at all. The product's height is just at the seat level and doesn't keep the person in front of you from reclining the seat.

Does the foot pillow get dirty quickly when it touches the ground?

Answer: We give you a dust cover for free, and you can put it on the bottom of the footrest to keep it clean.


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Care Instructions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Ramya S
Good Product

Comfort for travellers

Sanjana p
Easy travel

We are traveled by Emirates from india to USA . It's very helpful for us. It's very easy to use.

Neha S
Excellent product for long air travel

It has been wonderful experience using this product on my 15 hr flight.

Neha S
Excellent product for long air travel

It has been wonderful experience using this product on my 15 hr flight.

Amul K
Great travel product to make air journey comfortable

During our trip to India from USA, my 4yr old daughter was not able to sleep properly at night in sitting position. So I bought this one in India and during return journey I used this at night to fill up the vacant leg space in front of her seat. As a result her economy seat turned into a business class flat seat and she slept through the night. We flew in Qatar Airlines and after going through all the reviews about how some airline can prevent the use of it, I inflated it only during night after the dinner was served and immediately covered with the blanket.