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Importikaah Hair Building Fibers Refill Pack (100g - 4x25g Packets) - Hair Loss Concealer

Importikaah Hair Building Fibers Refill Pack (100g - 4x25g Packets) - Hair Loss Concealer

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Product Description:


Revitalize thinning hair with Importikaah Hair Building Fibers Refill Pack (100gm - 4 packets of 25gm each). This comprehensive solution offers a continuous supply of fibers to effortlessly conceal sparse areas, restoring the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. Perfect for a natural-looking finish, the refill pack ensures convenience and consistent coverage for your hair needs.


Product Benefits:


    1. Continuous Supply: The 100gm refill pack includes 4 convenient 25gm packets, ensuring an ongoing supply of hair building fibers.

    2. Instant Volume Boost: Achieve fuller and thicker-looking hair instantly, boosting confidence in your appearance.

    3. Natural-Looking Coverage: The fibers seamlessly blend with existing hair, providing a discreet and natural finish.

    4. Buildable Coverage: Customize the level of coverage to suit your preferences, allowing for a personalized and natural-looking result.

    5. Convenient Refill System: The 4 individual packets make it easy to refill and maintain, ensuring long-lasting coverage.

    6. Versatile Application: Suitable for various hair types and textures, addressing the needs of individuals with fine, thin, or moderately thinning hair.

    7. Long-Lasting Results: Enjoy the benefits of consistent coverage throughout the day, maintaining a fuller look.

    8. Color Options: Available in multiple shades to match your natural hair color seamlessly, providing a harmonious blend.

    9. Confidence Boost: Combat the visible signs of thinning hair and boost confidence with a revitalized and voluminous appearance.

    10. Discreet and Lightweight: The lightweight formula ensures a comfortable and discreet experience, allowing you to go about your day with ease and assurance.


More About This Product


  • Dry your hair before use then gently shake the hair fibre onto any areas of thinning hair.
  • Style your hair to ensure the fibre is able to reach every problem area
  • Pat hair fibers down after applying to the hair, allowing them to settle.
  • Please do not wash your head as this application will go away or else the fibers will be in place unless and until you wash your head.
  • Store the product in a dry place and reseal tightly after each use.
  • Package Contents: 4 hair building fibers refill pack
  • Size: 100gm pack


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