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Importikaah I Comfortable 5 Layers Adjustable Taller Insole I Silicone Gel Height Increase Elevator (1 Pair)

Importikaah I Comfortable 5 Layers Adjustable Taller Insole I Silicone Gel Height Increase Elevator (1 Pair)

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Product Description:

Experience a confident lift with Importikaah's Comfortable 5-Layer Adjustable Taller Insole. Crafted with silicone gel for maximum comfort, this height-increasing elevator is designed to provide a discreet boost. The adjustable layers allow you to customize the height according to your preference, ensuring a snug fit. Elevate your style and confidence with this pair of insoles that offers both comfort and a subtle increase in height. Walk tall and feel great with Importikaah's innovative design. Suitable for various footwear, this product is a discreet solution for those looking to add a little extra height effortlessly. Upgrade your step and stride confidently with Importikaah's Taller Insole - your go-to choice for comfort and height enhancement.

The increased insoles are mainly made of high-grade soft silicone with good damping effect for comfortable to wear, and fit perfectly in your shoes and have a removable layer. The insoles are soft and spiny, so that you'll forget you're wearing them - and no one will ever know. Therefore, it is really a wonderful increased insole for choice.

Product Features:

Height Increase Insoles: Our insoles are designed for comfort, compatibility, and instant height increasing results.

Silicone Base: The Silicone Base ensures comfort with every step while sticking to the bottom of your shoe to prevent sliding.

Felt Surface: The Felt on the Surface provides a soft surface for your foot to relax on while you go through your day.

Breathability: Our insoles are very breathable due to the holes that come manufactured into the base which helps increase airflow to your heel for increased comfort and utility.

Product Details: Apply to all men & women Sport Shoes, Casual Shoes, Formal Shoes, and Leather Shoes. Removable layers allow you to choose your height depending on the style of shoes you are wearing.

Washing Method: Warm water, gentle hand, natural dry, reusable, long term use will not be flat deformation.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rohit Joshi
Best product to increase height instantly

The IMPORTIKAAH insoles are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to appear taller without resorting to uncomfortable shoes or surgery. They are easy to use and provide a natural-looking height increase that is both subtle and effective. Highly recommend

Deepika G
Best Insoles.

I've tried other height-increasing insoles in the past and they were always uncomfortable and noticeable. However, the IMPORTIKAAH insoles are different. They are very comfortable to wear and give me just the right amount of extra height without anyone noticing

Pradnya Gori
Good Purchase, satisfied with the product

I purchased these insoles for a special event where I needed to appear taller. I was skeptical at first, but they turned out to be a great investment. They are easy to adjust and fit nicely in my shoes, and I received several compliments on my height that night.

Ruth Mario
Best Products

I have been using the IMPORTIKAAH Comfortable 5 Layers Adjustable Taller Insole for a few weeks now and I am really impressed with the results. Not only do they provide a comfortable fit, but they have also given me a noticeable height increase. Highly recommend