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Importikaah Baby Breastfeeding Adjustable Pillow

Importikaah Baby Breastfeeding Adjustable Pillow

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Product Description

Breastfeeding Becomes So Easy You Can Even Sleep Without Worrying About Your Baby Rolling Off. Importikaah's Baby Breastfeeding Pillow allows you to comfortably lay your newborn baby at the right height, providing an ideal feeding position for you and your baby. 

Now you can even sleep without worrying about your baby rolling off. 

The cotton used in the material provides more comfort and is suitable for baby growth and development. 

Now you no longer have to worry about the boppy while nursing. This pillow will let you feed the baby without fumbling with the right pillow size every time.

Unique Benefits Of The Product:

Customize pillow height for improved latching: This adjustable nursing pillow will help elevate your baby to breast height so you can get the correct latch. There are three height options on this pillow.

Provides optimal positioning for mom and baby: With adjustable height, you can maintain an optimal breastfeeding position to feed the baby and adjust the height as your baby grows. 

Supports more nursing positions: It has multi-function use. It can serve as a prenatal pregnant pillow, postnatal nursing pillow, sleeping pillow, and footpad.

Easy To Carry: Importikaah's Breastfeeding pillow is easy to carry and can be folded at will. A silk ribbon is included for fixing. Also, you can use it when traveling. 

Breastfeed in Multiple Positions: The flexible design of a breastfeeding pillow allows you to breastfeed in multiple positions as your baby grows. Nursing is possible with a baby across your lap.

How To Use The Product:

First of all, make sure that both you and your baby are comfortable with the height of the breastfeeding pillow and then let your baby nurse on the pillow.

Product Features:

Achieve Optimum Nursing Angle and Eliminate Shoulder Stress  and prevent sore back and neck

Three Adjustments to achieve optimum nursing angle:

1. Neutral Position

2. Moderate Elevation

3. Maximum Elevation

It helps you maintain good posture during feeding and prevents sore back and neck. Arm and elbow rests eliminate shoulder stress.Creates ideal positioning for Mom and baby.

Option 1- Flat height

Option 2- Middle height

Option 3- Highest height

Easy to Carry and Maintain:

It can be folded whenever you need or desire.Come with silk ribbon for fixing.You can use it when traveling. Plus it’s machine washable after removal of foam insert and belt.

Baby Growth And Development Materials Used:

The pillow is made of cotton featuring PP cotton padding, which is soft and comfortable. Moreover, cotton is soft and skin-friendly, suitable for baby growth and development, thereby providing maximum comfort.

Multipurpose Pillow:

Besides being a prenatal care pillow and a postpartum breastfeeding pillow, it can also be used as a sleeping pillow and a foot pad by mom and her baby.


  1. Color: Grey, Pink, Blue
  2. Size: Approx.66cmx26cmx17cm 
  3. Material: Cotton / Polyester
  4. Package Included: 1 x Baby Nursing Pillow


1. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the photos. 

2. Due to the manual measurement and different measurement methods, please allow a 1-3cm deviation. Thanks!


Who Is The Product For:

Perfect for women who want to use it as a prenatal care pillow and a postpartum breastfeeding pillow, it can also be used as a sleeping pillow and a footpad for a mom and her baby.

Your Questions Answered:

Q. Is it machine washable?

Yes, it is machine washable after removal of foam insert and belt.

Q. What’s the size of the pillow?

Size is  approx. 66cmx26cmx17cm. However due to the manual measurement and different measurement methods, please allow a 1-3cm deviation.

Q. What’s the material used in the breastfeeding pillow?

The pillow is made of cotton featuring PP cotton padding, which is soft and comfortable.

Q. What happens when I don’t like the product?

You can return the product with no questions asked within the return time period.




Shipping & Returns

Shipping 3-7 days

Returns 15 days


70L x 26W cm

Care Instructions

Machine washable: Use a gentle cycle with cold or lukewarm water.
Use mild detergent: Use a mild detergent that is free of harsh chemicals, fragrances, and dyes to avoid irritating your baby's sensitive skin.

Wash with similar colors: To prevent color bleeding or fading, wash the breastfeeding pillow with similar colors or separately from other items.
Gentle cycle: Use a gentle cycle to wash the breastfeeding pillow to prevent damage to the cotton material.

Avoid bleach: Bleach can weaken the fibers of the cotton material and cause it to deteriorate over time. Avoid using bleach when washing the breastfeeding pillow.

Tumble dry on low heat: Tumble dry the breastfeeding pillow on low heat or air dry it to preserve the cotton material and prevent shrinking.

Fluff and reshape: After washing, fluff and reshape the breastfeeding pillow to restore its original shape and loftiness.

Check for damage: Regularly inspect the breastfeeding pillow for any signs of wear, tear, or damage. If you notice any rips, holes, or worn areas, it may be time to replace the pillow to ensure your baby's safety and comfort.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Can be a great gift:

The pillow can be a great gift for new mothers, providing comfort and support during a crucial time in their lives

nisha. M C
Provides a comfortable and supportive nursing experience:

The pillow provides a comfortable and supportive experience for both the mother and baby, making breastfeeding a more enjoyable experience for both

pavani. T
Can be used for extended breastfeeding:

The pillow can be used for extended breastfeeding, providing support and comfort to the mother and baby

Alkeya kannur
Suitable for different sizes

The pillow is adjustable, making it suitable for mothers of different sizes

vidhya kanbarkar
Can help prevent postpartum back pain

The pillow helps support the mother's back and reduce strain, helping to prevent postpartum back pain