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Importikaah 3-in-1 Mascara Applicator Guide, Upper Lower Eyelash Comb

Importikaah 3-in-1 Mascara Applicator Guide, Upper Lower Eyelash Comb

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Product Description:  

Enhance your mascara application with the Importikaah 3-in-1 Mascara Applicator Guide. This innovative tool is designed for precision and ease, ensuring perfect lashes every time. The dual-ended applicator features an upper and lower eyelash comb, providing a comprehensive solution for achieving flawless lashes. Elevate your makeup routine with Importikaah's Mascara Applicator Guide for defined, clump-free lashes.

Product Benefits:

  1. Precision Application: The 3-in-1 design includes upper and lower eyelash combs, allowing for precise mascara application without clumps.
  2. Flawless Lashes: Achieve perfectly separated and defined lashes, enhancing the overall look of your eye makeup.
  3. Dual-Ended Convenience: The dual-ended applicator provides versatility, allowing you to groom both upper and lower lashes with a single tool.
  4. Easy to Use: The ergonomic design ensures easy handling, making it suitable for both beginners and makeup enthusiasts.
  5. Time-Saving: Streamline your makeup routine with this efficient mascara applicator guide, saving time and effort in achieving a polished look.
  6. Reusable and Durable: Made from high-quality materials, the applicator guide is reusable and built to last, offering long-term value for your beauty routine.
  7. Suitable for All Mascara Types: Whether you prefer volumizing, lengthening, or curling mascara, this applicator guide is compatible with all types for versatile use.
  8. Travel-Friendly: Compact and lightweight, it's the perfect on-the-go tool to ensure your lashes look fabulous wherever you are.
  9. Professional Results at Home: Enjoy professional-looking lash results without the need for a makeup artist, saving you salon visits and expenses.
  10. Enhance Eye Makeup: Elevate your overall eye makeup with precisely groomed lashes, framing your eyes beautifully for a captivating gaze.

About This Product

  • Easy to use and carry
  • 3 Functions: Upper Eyelid Apron, Lower Eyelid Apron and Eyelash Comb
  • Easy to draw eyelash, keep mascara getting from your eyelids
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Pink/Blue (Randomly as per stock availability)



Shipping & Returns

Shipping 3-7 days

Returns 15 days


20.1 x 7.9 x 2.7 cm

Care Instructions

Clean after each use: After using the mascara guide applicator, clean it thoroughly to remove any mascara residue or buildup. You can use a gentle makeup remover or mild soap and water.

Gently wipe or rinse: Gently wipe the mascara guide applicator with a soft cloth or rinse it under lukewarm water. Avoid using hot water, as it can damage the plastic.

Avoid harsh chemicals: Do not use harsh chemicals, alcohol-based products, or abrasive cleaners on the mascara guide applicator, as they can damage the plastic material.

Air dry: Allow the mascara guide applicator to air dry completely before storing it or using it again. Avoid using a hairdryer or towel to dry it, as this can cause damage.

Store properly: Store the mascara guide applicator in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Avoid storing it in a location where it may be exposed to sharp objects or heavy items that could damage the plastic.

Replace as needed: Over time, plastic mascara guide applicators may wear out or become damaged. If you notice any signs of damage, such as cracks or warping, it may be time to replace it with a new one.

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