Winter is coming: Time to develop a Skincare Routine

Winter is here. It is good for your sweaters and jackets packed away in the corner of your
wardrobes because, finally, you will wear them. But it is indeed troubling news for your skin!
For your skin, winter means dry, flaky skin. With the change in seasons, it is also important to
change your skincare routine. Even though the seasons change, it hardly changes your workload
and everyday chores. One of the foremost self-care that one can do in personal care is skin care.
For some women, having a healthy lifestyle and following a fitness regime is not enough for
their skin. Stress can sometimes induce cortisol, increasing the skin’s oil production.

Developing a skincare routine can be helpful for women because it is one of the moments
when you think about the skin type and the kind of beauty products to use that suit your skin. It
also means that you make informed choices about the creams and oils you apply to your skin. Do
you buy beauty products on a whim or take some time to read the ingredients that have gone into
the product's manufacturing? For making informed choices, it is also important to understand
that looking after your skin is not only about external beauty but also about feeling ‘you’. It is
about feeling good in your skin.

Stay hydrated. No, it is not only about drinking water, but hydration is about massaging
some oil on your skin! Olive oil is a natural oil that can do wonders for your skin. Applying it in
a circular motion helps the skin slowly absorb the oil. Importikaah’s Kansa Wand combined with
vitamin C serum makes your skin glow, tight, and smooth.

The antioxidant properties of Vitamin
C prevent itchiness and dryness on the skin; the serum helps as a protective shield that protects it
from drying. In addition, massaging the serum onto your face prevents sun damage and promotes
collagen production, which prevents wrinkle formation. After cleaning your face, apply the
serum on your face and neck and, take the Kansa wand, massage your face skin and neck area in
small circular motions. But another good thing about this combo is that it can be used anytime,
irrespective of the weather! Indeed, it is an essential routine during winter, but you can use it
throughout the year!
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