How the use of maternity products nurture mother-child relationships?

The post-pregnancy period is a significant phase for developing an intimate and healthy mother-
child relationship. Bonding is an instinctive and natural process. The mothers get overwhelmed
looking at their bundle of joy and instantly crave their newborn’s touch. The post-delivery phase
has its bittersweet moments. In the post-delivery phase, there are days when mothers and fathers
have sleepless nights or when mothers are hesitant to step out of their homes in fear of leaking,
etc. Such instances indicate the development of bonding with the child, but what if things don’t

work out so well or if there are seamless and simpler ways to nurture your bond with loved ones?
Having asked that, the maternity phase somehow necessitates materialistic interventions.

After the delivery of one’s baby, the mother and the child undergo significant changes.
While the baby adjusts to the new environment, the mother must be extra precautious with the
baby and get used to her bodily changes. Mothers have to juggle between private home spaces
and public spaces. For instance, the act of breastfeeding is different when the mother feeds the
baby in the house and a restaurant; women can sit comfortably and in a relaxing way at home,

whereas public space can bring about reluctant movement. Importikaah’s maternity product
breastfeed pump, allows mothers to feed their babies in public areas at unexpected times. Not
only does it allow women to measure the amount of milk their child is consuming, but it also
eliminates the difficulties, such as pain, posture problems, etc., arising from breastfeeding.

A healthy and comfortable mother-child relationship foregrounds the dependence on
maternity products like maternity, breastfeeding pumps, breast nursing pads, etc. Certain
maternity products minimise the discomfort in breasts and sleep; for instance, breast nursing
pads placed between the bra and breasts help recover the pain in breasts and prevent the stain in
clothes due to milk leaking. Buying maternity products brings about a smooth transition into a
new phase of life.It allows the babies to receive undivided motherly attention.

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