A Holistic Approach to Well-Being

To say that wellness is imperative for a healthy and easy lifestyle is stating the obvious. But for some women, talking with them about wellness and healthcare can serve as a reminder to begin physical care. With International mind-body wellness day following new year’s, maybe wellness can be one of your new year's resolutions. Before moving on to the tips for a healthy lifestyle, we must also learn that tiny unhealthy habits and risky environmental exposure affect your health cycle. Not that you cannot fall sick, but being aware and sound of your immediate surroundings is suggested. A holistic approach to well-being implicates strengthening the interconnections between mind, body and spirit. It is achieved through physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being. Let’s discuss certain ways to accomplish the four aspects of holistic well-being

  • Consumption of healthy foods: nutrient-rich foods allow the organs of your body to function properly. Consuming alcohol and frequent smoking can disbalance your balanced diet and, therefore, should be avoided. Eating habits are not only limited to food consumption but also include how you consume your food. For instance, food should be eaten without many distractions. In addition, consuming the right amount of water daily enhances your body's digestion process. Consumption of healthy food is directly linked to physical and mental well-being.

  •  Exercising every day: everyday exercise increases our body flexibility, keeping you active and prompt throughout the day. Now, going beyond conventional wisdom, exercise is not only about going to the gym but engaging in daily household chores such as cleaning, ironing, etc. One of the bonus points of exercising is that it can be personal and social, depending on how you want to go about it. You can either engage in physical fitness or ask your friends or family members to join you. Therefore, exercising involves social well-being and physical well-being.

  •  Enjoy some me-time: enjoying some personal time enhances spiritual well-being because it aims to focus on the inner self. Writing journals, meditating, sleeping or doing yoga helps you know more about yourself, as these engagements are primarily introspective. Knowing what you want to do personally and socially compels you to move forward with a healthy and open mindset.

    Holistic well-being is not about achieving but is a process that keeps moving forward every day. It is well-being that you engage with every day to keep your body fit and sound on multiple levels. Once you embark on this journey, it will challenge you to create small goals for yourself every day or every week that will positively impact the interconnections between the mind, body and spirit.
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