Importikaah Anti Aging Natural Jade Facial Roller Healing Slimming Massager (Jade Roller)

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  • Bring Out The Beautiful You
  • Easy & Safe To Use
  • Maintain Your Youthful Easily
  • Use The Small Jade To Massage Eyes To Prevent Wrinkles
  • Improve Your Facial Skin Blood Circulation

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  • Amazing Jade Roller – Our jade stone rollers improve the circulation of Chi in the body by stimulating the meridian points and can make your skin look and feel better.
  • Simple To Use With Duel Head Roller – The larger roller is meant to massage the head, face, and neck along with larger areas such as arms, legs or even your back. The smaller roller is for massaging parts of the face that are more delicate like around the eyes and nose. Using less pressure on the face too not stretch the skin and for relaxation.
  • Bring Out The Beautiful You – Using our jade roller on regular bases can help reduce the puffiness under tired eyes along with dark circles. It can bring better blood circulation around your eyes, which can lead to a reduction of wrinkles, improved elasticity and the revitalization of your skin making it look tighter. Using with face cream can also increase cream absorption.
  • Each Uniquely Its Own – Each Jade Roller will vary slightly in color/hue and size due to being made of 100% Natural Jade – From very dark green to bright opaque and sometimes translucent or pale – All the stones are individually brought to life by our craftsman so they will vary in size but are always very smooth and should never hurt.


Due to the nature of the rollers being handcrafted, we recommend that before use on the skin that you roll the jade a couple of times to release any dust that may be leftover from the crafting process. In addition, since the jade roller is handmade, make sure to treat it as you would treat your own skin. With delicacy and care! So it may last you for ages to come.


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